Winter Nights : 4K : Beautiful – (video)

Absolutely beautiful video of Danish Winter Nights from Adrien Mauduit Films.

“Winter is renowned for being the season of quietness, sleep and cold in the northern hemisphere. Most animals and plants have entered a state of dormancy to pass the harsh conditions. As the Earth revolves around the Sun, it is at its closest, but the slight tilt of our planet is enough to plunge mid and high latitudes into long hours of darkness. Why go outside when you can be warm and comfortable at home? Well because if you don’t you will probably miss many spectacles and displays mother nature has to offer. The wait is no more. Grab your boots, gloves, beanies and warmest clothes, and step into the wonders of the Danish winter nights.

On the menu: colorful sunsets, scenic frozen landscapes, super moons, aurora borealis, milky way and other winter deep-sky objects. I tried to compile everything in a time-lapse movie to prove how mesmerizing the winter night sky can be, no matter how cold it is outside!

Most sequences of deep-sky objects like the Andromeda Galaxy and the North-American Nebula have been tracked with iOptron Skytracker to enable great nebulosity detail, in spite of compromising weather conditions (low clouds, haze, fog and due). You might even be able to notice some other remarkable sky phenomena like green flash, moon halo, meteorites, and at 02:32, one of my favorite shots: some swans were foraging in the shallow under the Swan constellation (Cygnus) and the aurora.

All shots have been recorded from mid-December until now and represent around 10,000 pictures and hours of editing. I used Sony a7r2, Sony a7s and Canon 6D for the shoot. 

Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed the marvels of the Danish winter night sky. Don’t hesitate to like, comment, share and of course subscribe to my channel for more videos!

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