The Summer Snowboard Movie : 2017 : Part 4 – Snowboard (video)

After an epic winter in the PNW, summer is coming soon and should be awesome at HCSC: Summer Snowboard Movie.

“There are only a few things in the world as smooth as butter. Silk. Glass. A baby’s bottom. Alex Sherman. Jake Kuzyk, Sam Taxwood…you get the point. Take a seat and plug your brain into Part 4 of The Summer Snowboard Movie / 2017…it’s like touching velvet with your eyes…or something?” – HCSC
Featuring: Jacob Krugmire, Alex Sherman, Jake Kuzyk, Cooper Whittier, Sam Taxwood, Blake Paul,Miles Fallon, Feddy Perry, Austin Smith / 503.206.8520
Film: RJ McNichols, Jacob Howell, Seamus Foster, Tyler Orton, Brent McCarron
Edit: Tyler Orton

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