Queen of Peahi: Meet Big Wave Champ Paige Alms – Surf (video)

Watch Big Wave Champ Paige Alms, the Queen of Peahi.

“Maui local Paige Alms shares her experience winning the first ever Pe’ahi Challenge Women’s Championship. Residing just up the road from Jaws in Haiku, Hawaii, Paige makes sure to surf every big swell in her backyard. Her experience in heavy surf paid off big time when the WSL Big Wave Tour decided to run the first championship event for women on her home turf. Her surfboard shaper and partner, Sean Ordonez of SOS Shapes, compliments her technical approach to big wave surfing. What’s next for Paige and the future of female big wave surfing? The sky is the limit… and anything is possible.” – The North Shore Collective

Thanks to Super Sessions for sponsoring this video. Super Sessions is a non-profit organization dedicated to female empowerment through big wave surfing. Visit supersessions2016.com to find out how you can support female big wave surfing.

Director/Producer: Shannon Reporting
Editing: Leah Dawson
Filming: Shannon Reporting
Additional footage: WSL

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