Promotional Stimulant : United Shapes 2017 – Snowboard (video)

Awesome edit, Promotional Stimulant features the United Shapes team shredding the backcountry.

United Shapes | 2017
“Our team was hard a work last season putting our line to the test. From backcountry jumps to banked slaloms and street riding, we’ve got a shape for everything.” – United Shapes

Felix Mobarg
Zander Blackmon
Gray Thompson
Hannah Eddy
Christian Connors
Brynn Hayes
Curtis Woodman

Footage from Warp Wave’s AURORA BOARDEALIS

Sam Tuor
Sean Kerrick Sullivan
Mia Lambson
Gray Thompson
Kyle Schwartz
Kieth Rutherford

Kieth Rutherford
Mikey Leblanc (Cover photo)