O’Neill Hit The Road (Episode 4) : “Fun Times” – Wakeboard (video)

Nico von Lerchenfeld, Carro Djupsjö and more O’Neill riders do it right in Fun Times from the Hit The Road series.

“Welcome to “Fun Times” – the final episode of the best wake tour on the planet, O’Neill’s Hit the Road road-trip. After 10-days of bussin’, winchin’ and wakin’ the crew takes over Aurich Wakepark with a shed load of new challenges, including of bangers, back to back box and rail tricks, T-Rex slides, inflatable jibbery and budgie smuggler party rides. The ender features a serious search and destroy winch mission with stops in Paderborn and Essen. In the words of Nico von Lerchenfeld: “It was one hell of a ride!”” – O’Neill

Nico von Lerchenfeld 🇩🇪
Guenther Oka 🇺🇸
Steffen Vollert 🇩🇪
Carro Djupsjö 🇸🇪
Dylan Miller 🇨🇦
Joe Battleday 🇬🇧
Directed/ Produced: Denny Bräuniger
Edited: Andy Kolb
Director of Photography: Lukas Tielke, peoplegrapher
2nd Unit Kamera: Lennart Koch, peoplegrapher

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