Nazaré Femme : Big Wave Surfer Girl Justine Dupont – Surf (video)

Big Wave Surfer Girl Justine Dupont is amazing in Nazare Femme, chasing these huge waves.

“You surf big waves… and you are a girl?!” “Meet French waterwoman Justine Dupont. This 25-year-old girl knows no fear. Nazaré, Portugal, claims the World Record for the largest wave ever surfed by Garrett McNamara. During winter of 2016-17, Justine dedicated her training and big waves escapades to arguably the most challenging of all waves, the infamous Nazaré – the hardest place to ride, but the best playground to learn. Its consist swell and monstrous conditions make every other big wave spot seem tame.” – The North Shore Collective

This video was made in partner with Super Sessions, a non-profit organization dedicated to female empowerment through big wave surfing. Visit to find out how you can support female big wave surfing.

Director/Producer: Shannon Reporting
Editor: Leah Dawson
Filmer: Shannon Reporting

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