Laura Jaubert – My Own Way – Kitesurf (video)

Amazing Kitesurfing and story by Laura Jaubert in My Own Way.

“I began kitesurfing at 22 years old. It could be too late to try to perform in kite freestyle or to compete.
I had a knee LCA surgery reconstruction less than 2 years after my first kite lesson. Some path seems sometimes too difficult for your body, for what you used to do.
I used to work hard in an office, as an engineer project manager. I’ve also never lived very close from the ocean.
But never let somebody convince you that your dreams are too big. We build our own life, we have to follow our own way.
Because I was addicted to kitesurfing, freestyle has become for me a challenge for more than 2 years now. The people I met who pushed me to perform, the decisions I took to follow the flow which bring me happiness, the serendipity… all the little things which lead me where I am now even if it was so unpredictable few years ago: Thank you. Thank you life to be full of surprises!
This is a short edit of my 1 month spent in Brazil. This place, for the 2nd time, made me progress so much, far from the really tough wind conditions that we can have in the south of France.
I really want to thanks all the person who made this trip unforgettable, too many to name them all but:
Thanks so much to Pousada Vidaboa (Uruau) for the dreaming staying place
Thanks to my little coach Romain Giuliano for your tips, to my good friend Clio Mouchel to be such a great kite partner, to my smiling Cabrinha team mate Therese Taabbel to push me on new tricks.
Thanks to my sponsors Kitaddict, Cabrinha, NP surf, Sensi bikinis for their confidence.
And thanks to those great people who spent time with me and who contributed to the filming: Romain Giuliano, Julien Brandstetter, Charles Senly, Clio Mouchel, Kevin Fahrni, Aymeric Martin, Issy Von Zastrow, Emil Christiansen.” – Laura Jaubert Follow Laura on Instagram & Facebook
Song : Way down we go – Kaleo
Editing : Laura Jaubert
Places : Uruau, Cauipe, Taiba