The Jamaica Story – A Look into our Caribbean Adventure for Spring 2017 – Surfergirl (video)

Check out the Billabong surfergirls and models in The Jamaica Story, Caribbean Adventure!

“Rise in the morning and smile with the sun, the sound of a steel drum and the call of a friendly neighbor. From the taste of fresh fruit and the warmth of a tropical sky, to the feel of a new tan line and a pair of still-wet sandals, Jamaica is everything you expected and all the things you didn’t.
Of course there are white-sand beaches and reggae dance parties, but the rest you have see to believe: secret coves, craggy coastlines, barefoot adventures and turquoise waves so long and clear they practically beg for a party. So let’s get together and feel alright. Paddle in, dive under, ride out, and cross-step across your board until you’re laughing so hard you wash up on the sand. Bring your bikini and sandals and don’t worry about a thing because every wave is going to be alright. It’s impossible not to smile in Jamaica. Then again, maybe it’s just something in the water.” – Billabong Womens