Hubboards 2017 : Episode 10 – Bodyboard (video)

Jeff and Dave Hubbard shred some amazing waves in some amazing places in Episode 10 in Hubboards 2017.

“This episode features Jeff and Dave Hubbard bodyboarding some of the best bodyboard waves on the planet, using all their latest Hubboards bodyboards, fins, wetsuits, leashes and accessories. We hope you get psyched on Hubb’s latest clips from the Canary Islands & Hawaii, accompanied by Dave’s sick footage from Tahiti. Also keep an eye out for elite riders Nicolas Chiara and Kuko Font, who also joined in on all the action!” – Hubboards Movies

Featuring Jeff & Dave Hubbard, Nicolas Chiara and Kuko Font
Edited by Matthew Tanaka
Filmed by Jean Boule, Alex Perez, Chris Kincade, Hugo Tauru, David Tuarau, Matthew Tanaka, Ryan Hardy, Matt Castiglione

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