it was a good year… : Bruno Zanin – Surf (video)

Epic footage of some of the best from Bruno Zanin in it was a good year…

“Bruno Zanin // Reel ‘ 2017. Indonésia , Brasil , Hawaii & Califórnia. Shot on Black Magic Ursa Mini 4k.

Thank you everyone that helped me on this beautiful journey, life is good…! :)” – Bruno Zanin

John John Florence
Carlo Gonçalves
Yago Dora
Rolo Montes
Alan Donato
Robbie Merrel
Koa Rothmann
Marco Giorgi
Nic Von Rupp
Michael Rodrigues
Vini Pereira
Caio Vaz
Nathan Fletcher
Francisco Porcella

Maria Pages
Luna Courtois

Music – Joy Division / atmosphere

In love Memory of Jean da Silva and Lucas Zuch.