Giovanni “Gingerzilian” Vianna – Skateboarding (video)

The Gingerzilian part from Giovanni Vianna from Volcom is raw and awesome.

“Volcom presents Giovanni “Gingerzilian” Vianna. “Gingerzilian” is a video part of the am rider Giovanni Vianna. Luiz Felipe Ferreira spent six months capturing images between São Paulo, ABC Paulista and Brasília. His words about the experience are: “Working with Giovanni is very easy. He is only 16 years old, but skates like big man”. Aggressive and technical, makes very fast his tricks. It was actually very good produced with him.” Giovanni Vianna has been a Volcom rider since 2014.” – Volcom

Enjoy! Credits Giovanni “Gingerzilian” Vianna (@giovanni_vianna) Edited by Luiz Felipe Ferreira (@instanamissao) Filmed by Luiz Felipe Ferreira (@instanamissao) and Douglas Marques (@dmarquesbr) + Rafael Lucas (@rafael_luuca) Produced by Ragueb Rogerio (@raguebrogerio)

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