Under The Above Featuring Yago Dora – Surf & Skate (video)

Check out Yago Dora shredding waves and skateboarding with Carver Skateboards in Under The Above.

Carver Presents: UNDER THE ABOVE

“From barreling pits to ‘shave ice’ and coconut water, Gabriel Novis, Director of SORRIA, juxtaposes the quiet parts of the island with the chaos of Pipeline, and takes us on a cinematic adventure on the North Shore of Oahu. Watch the sheer talent of Yago Dora during his 2016-2017 winter season. Yago’s riding speaks for itself – his ingenuity, progression and power never cease to amaze.” – Carver Skateboards

Starring: Yago Dora
Director: Gabriel Novis
Footage: Gabriel Novis, Bruno Zanin, Paulo Barcellos
Model: Luna Courtois

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