Cold Lines : Lee-Ann Curren Surfs Iceland – Surf (video)

Beautiful video from Lee-Ann Curren, surfing Iceland and filmed by by Claudia Lederer, Cold Lines is exceptional. Enjoy.

“After visiting on a regular basis for the past 5 years, Iceland has become almost like a second home to me.I’m not sure what attracts me so much about this place. Maybe the immensity of the landscapes that make you feel so vulnerable, yet very much alive, and leave you in a permanent state of awe and contemplation.I think this video describes perfectly what it feels like to be out there. Special thanks to Roxy for supporting us, Samaris for the beautiful music, and our local friends Ingo, Heidar, Elli, Steinar, Mother Earth, Betty, Hlynur, just to name a few, for making each trip to Iceland a new magical adventure. November 2016, we spent 3 weeks adventuring in Iceland looking for waves without really any expectations. The road trip led us to magical places, and we did score great waves which was the cherry on top 🙂 enjoy.” – Lee-Ann Curren

Lee-Ann Curren
instagram: @LACurren
twitter: @LACurren
Heidar Logi:
instagram: @heidarlogi

Filmed and edited by:
Claudia Lederer
instagram: @claudia_ldr
twitter: @claudialdr

Samaris – Stotnar Falla
instagram: @samarisamaris

This is not just a surf edit, this is a very well composed surf film that literally takes you away for about three and a half minutes. The flow, the beauty, and the music all work together so well and really give you a taste of Iceland. Then to see Lee-Ann and Heidar surfing among these nice, but very cold waves is just icing on the cake. This video should be watched several times.