A City Right On The Beach : Volume 1 – Surfing (video)

Deeply Europe brings A City Right On The Beach, Volume 1 featuring Deeply Team riders.

“From Porto to Tenerife passing through Lisboa…

This first episode jump-cuts through the different home towns of Deeply‘s team riders…

They will tell us what makes their city so special and what they really love about their local beaches…  A brief documentary insight which helps us to get to know better our Deeply riders whilst on a journey through some amazing urban locations along with the best in high performance surf.  A city right on the beach.” – Deeply Europe

A film by Dinis&Gustavo
Filmed by Gustavo Imigrante
Water Cinematography by Gastão Entrudo, Gines Diaz
Additional Footage by João Veloso
Color Grading by Dinis Sottomayor

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