Aloha! Greetings from Waikiki with Josie Prendergast – Surfergirl (video)

Josie Predergast in Aloha Greetings from Waikiki. Enjoy.

“It isn’t anything new for Josie Prendergast to travel to beautiful, tropical locations all over the world. But there’s something about Hawaii that makes her settle in and feel right at home. It might be that laid back, take your time, culture. Or it could be the warm water and endless fun waves in Waikiki. Whatever it is, we think Oahu looks quite good on you Josie! Can’t wait to join you again soon. – Billabong Womens

“Aloha friends! Sending this with miles of smiles, lots of love & endless sunshine from me to you” – Love, Josie

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