Extreme Avenue is the flagship website from Otto Nation Media. The Extreme Sports site if Inspiration and Entertainment.

Featuring some of the best photographers and cinematographers, both professional and amateur, our goal is to provide the best entertainment we can. We are not a magazine, but a source of fantastic entertaining videos and photos in a blog format.

Extreme Sports

Snowboarding, Surfing, Skiing and Skateboarding are the main focus, but any Extreme Sport can be seen on Extreme Avenue. Professional athletes, amateur athletes, and even the youngest groms. Athletes that inspire us, amaze us, but are mostly just having fun. And none of this would be possible without the incredible photographers and cinematographers.


We hope to make this website inspirational. The amazing athletes and photographers who are so talented and creative provide such a rush just to view. We want to help promote these talented people and inspire the beginners who aspire to be successful in this world with their own skills.


Not only is Extreme Avenue about Extreme Sports, we want to provide awesome entertainment. Amazing art, extreme subjects, happy people, beautiful girls, inspiration, fun people, amazing photography, animals, and much more.

Photos & Videos

Over the past several months, we’ve been building valuable and respectful relationships with athletes, photographers, videographers, and followers. We welcome any photos and videos from pros and amateurs alike. Not just Extreme Sports, but anything inspirational, fun, and entertaining. Whether it’s a series of photos as a special feature, or just one or two special photos to be featured in one of our awesome galleries. Submit your photos on our Submit Photos page, or send us an email at: extremeavenue(at)gmail(dot)com