50” in 50 Hours : Utah Backcountry – Snowboard (video)

The Provo Bros found the major backcountry pow in 50″ in 50 Hours from last year in Utah.

Utah Backcountry
February 23, 2017 –

“Fifty inches of dendritic, frozen H2O crystals (5% snow) stacked up in just over two days on a perfectly sound base. This is the best storm cycle of the winter. Our pow-surfs and skis and snowboards effortlessly cut through the surface without ever finding the bottom, while clouds of feathery powder explode into the air. Turn after turn the white room is breached as waves of snow come barreling over my shoulders and whistle past my ears…

…… that was then. But now, as the winter of 2018 struggles to take shape in our neck of the woods, nary a lick of pow has brushed the tops of our boots, and we’re reminded of the fleeting nature of those perfectly aligned conditions in the mountains (stable, balls-deep blower) that were so abundant last year.

Hopefully the snow gods will look down upon us favorably this winter, as they have in the past. Stay safe out there folks!” – The Provo Bros

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