Scott Stevens (season edit) 2017 HODGEpodge – Snowboard (video)

When it comes to snowboarding, it doesn’t get much better than watching Scott Stevens.

“thanks to everyone who sent me footage. big thanks to Basti at pirates productions, hdj, jesse burtner, justin meyer, grenier for helping with titles, roger cameron, dave doman, dr b, hupp, skylar, jon ray, mike mo, colson, granger, roberge, fenton, beef, fenelon, ahrtikari, tijl, naomi, stark, bode, chip, rossner, garrett read, marcus, mark dangler, ashley for the sequence, krush, loon project, troll project, facemark ben, tyler orton, vintage sponsor, pika, sexton, brad, blue, cook, george, johan, martino, dan and frank, mom and dad, steph, videograss, think thank, preston, deadlung, lareau, bear mtn, brighton, ricky at timberline, dave at meadows, woodward copper, kyle shaffer, jb, tahoe taffy, crayon, lee, lucey, cole taylor, covello, cancunes, ross phillips, gj, dj drury, cale meyer, jess kimura, ben bilocq, buckmelt, keen and everyone else that has filmed me.” – Scott Stevens

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