Exuma Kitesurf Paradise, Episode 15 : Charlotte Consorti – (video)

Exuma Kitesurf Paradise with Charlotte Consorti is just that, a tropical paradise.

Charlotte CONSORTI, http://www.charlotteconsorti.fr
Spot: Great Exuma (Bahamas)

“For this episode 15 of the Kitesurf Paradise we set out to discover one of the children of the Bahamas: Exuma Island .Metaz of the country sunshine travels eyes, I had rarely seen such colors! Between turquoise lagoons, sandbanks, desert beaches and uninhabited islands, the island is full of paradise for kitesurfing! The small bonus go kiter with the aquatic pigs;)

Discover 3 of the most beautiful spots in this video. We start with the beach of the small village of Rolleville (1) which is situated in the north of the island. We then go on a kite trip to Wild Cay (2), uninhabited islet. In the morning we enjoy the pout poru going paddling on Pig Island, inhabited exclusively by swimmers! The next day we leave by boat with Gary from Exuma Kitesurfing on the sandbank at Long Island (3). The best for the end, the spot of Moriah Harbor (4) which we join by car then paddle. This marine national park is an exceptional setting with a spectacular blue gradient and multiple sandbanks for freestyle on flat.

The East trade winds blow from November to April in average to 15-20 knots. The trade winds regime can be disturbances from December to March by cold bridges. The arrival of a forehead is generally announced by a rotation of the wind the senses of a watch. The winds of the South and South sectors rapidly pass to the north and the north. The front and the often a very strong wind day has more than 30 knots. After the passage of the front, the wind returns to the dominant sector from East to SE. This cycle can last several days or unroll in 24h.
We had 4 days of trade winds then passing one for a week. We had taken it from 9m to 14m and we used all the wings, we could even use an 8m at the front gold we had more than 30 knots
The temperature ranges from 25 to 28 ° C and then to 24/25 ° C. The nights are cool in winter and fall to 18 ° C in average. Do not hesitate to bring your shorty because it is fast when the trade winds blow The hotel has a restaurant.
From May to November it is the rainy season with a hurricane season from August to October.

Attention in April it and two major nautical events: the annual meeting of the Island Regatta family to Elizabeth Town and the Regattas which have one once a year. The face of Exuma is totally transfigured in all directions, with races of boats, carnivals, etc.” – Charlotte Consorti