2017 Volcom Snowboarding Outerwear – Snowboarding (video)

Bryan Iguchi, Pat Moore and several Volcom riders shred the backcountry in Volcom Outerwear.

“Jump in the van… the Volcom van! Last season the Volcom fleet roamed around North America, making stops from Alaska to Lake Tahoe, some re-fueling in the Midwest, making time for some rope-tow hi jinx, then escaping into the B.C. abyss at Baldface Lodge. No plans, just shred!” – Volcom   EDIT  Jeremy Pettit

Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, Pat Moore, Curtis Ciszek, Arthur Longo, Markus Keller, Scott Blum, Mike Ravelson, Scotty James, Marcus Kleveland, Dylan Alito

Seth Huot, Jeremy Pettit

Buck Hill, Trollhaugen, Spirit Mountain, Damage Duluth, Squaw Valley, BaldFace Lodge, Alaska Snowboard Guides

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